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Childless Couples

Childless Couples

Reproduction and procreation is a universal phenomenon. Two people often marry for the sake of expansion of family and children are a natural desire of every couple. Women especially are more excited about the idea of motherhood and they look to this as one of the most important and happiest experiences of their lives.

Many women would agree that they marry for the sake of having children unlike men, children are integral and more important part of a family for them. Motherhood is the dream of every woman. Best Childless Couples Solution Specialist Astrologer Pandit Tulasiram can provide you the real reasons of child problems. He can show you the real solutions of problems.

Reasons of childless couples by Astrology

Most women who have an overwhelming urge to fall pregnant are not able to conceive for some reason and consequently, they are dejected and begin to feel that the society looks down upon them. Astrology is all about right time for anything. Astrology plays a role in the problems that couples face when they are not able to have children, as mentioned below:

  • In Horoscope, if Lord of 5th is with malefic and is weak, there is a possibility of not having any children.
  • People whose moon are weaker than they do not have more children.
  • If there is Pitru dosh then there would be delayed in child birth.
  • If there is adverse effect of Mars and Venus then abortions happens in 90 days.

An expert Indian astrologer Pandit ji in London holds credit in solving numerous childless couples’ problems by suggesting them astrological remedies in order to get the bliss of having a child in their life.

How to solve childless couples through Astrology

Child birth might seem to be scientific and ordinary, but it is actually more of God’s gift and cosmic power plays an important role in a successful insemination. The 5th house of the horoscope will tell you the possibility of conception. If the shows a negative sign, then our Vedic astrologer Pandit ji will recommend the rituals that are to be performed to correct this problem. He will solve your childless problem by performing rituals, by wearing gemstones, changing spelling of name for a Name Number that brings luck and increases your chances of having a child.

Considering the horoscope and planetary influences on his clients, Pandit ji suggests useful remedies involving mantras, pujas and rituals which will help the childless woman bear child, that too without any complications.

Top & Best Childless Couples Solution Specialist Astrologer in London, UK

Our astrologer Pandit ji can help you solve this critical situation, or to come out of this disaster. He can easily follow the simple procedures given, moreover, his solutions are worldwide accepted and tested one.


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